San Vito Home for Rent!

Welcome to  the  home  of  San Vito Realty  specializing in Land, Homes and Investment  property  in and around  San Vito Costa Rica. San Vito  Costa Rica  is  a unique place to own a retirement home, vacation home or simply an investment property. San Vito is a self sufficient community in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica not too  far from Golfito, Panama and the beaches.  Zancudo Beach is only about 22 miles away as the crow flies but quite  a bit further driving  as the route  is not very direct. The elevation of  San Vito is at approximately 3800 feet and guarantees  a   climate   that    neither  requires   heating   or  air conditioning.  Most of the  prime land and  farms  have a view of Panama and the Talamanca Mountain Range or the Pacific Ocean.  In fact , Panama is only about 30 minutes away by car.  We would encourage you to visit San Vito and explore the wonderful Wilson Botanical Gardens and experience the best bird watching in Costa Rica.  There are a few hotels in the area and rental homes available for longer stays. If you are thinking  about  buying Real Estate  in  Costa Rica and want to avoid the crowds, San Vito is for you. 

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